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Feel empowered, love your life, and find peace

Have you thought about if counseling is right for you? Or maybe you are wondering what counseling consists of? Are you in need of some extra support, experiencing a marital issue, or battling a serious mental health diagnosis?​ If these are questions that you have or issues that you are facing, then you have arrived at the right place to the find answers and the support that you need. Take the next steps and book a free consultation!


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At Sisters In Sync & Associates (SIS & Associates), our mission is to decrease the health disparities that people of color face—combined with the respect of cultural solid values to provide adequate support to our clients along their wellness journey.


Meet Jasmine
Founder & Clinical Director

  I decided to start Sisters In Sync & Associates (SIS & Associates) after continuously witnessing and hearing stories from my minority clients describing the disproportionate way they have been treated & how they struggled with their mental health treatment goals. Some people reported the struggle to find a provider that represented minorities, and others included; lack of access to assessments earlier in childhood and limited cultural awareness by mental health providers.  

We hope to provide all our clients with sound, knowledgeable and equitable treatment.  We have a heart for people from all walks of life and desire to see our clients walking in the change they desire.  We want to do our part in changing what minorities believe when it comes to mental health through educating our clients, offering emotional support, challenging faulty mindsets, developing goals and healthier means of coping.  


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Having Jasmine as a therapist has been very helpful and comforting. It’s amazing to know you have support and someone to talk to about the hard stuff. To be able to be held accountable for taking care of myself and reminders on best practices to maintain good mental health, I am happy to have a therapist that works for me.




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